Since the first civilizations came into being, jewellery has been a part of society. In fact, in the olden days it played a much bigger role than it does today. It was a means of identifying the power of different casts. The ancient Egyptians for instance buried their Pharaohs in tombs full of gold and other precious stones to use in the afterlife whilst slaves were not even buried in pyramids, but normal tombs. Robbers have consistently broken into the pyramids looting these materials as there has been enough to serve a few of their generations. Excavators have also time and again located many items that are clues to the extravagant lifestyle of the rich in Egypt. This is just one example however, and there are many parts of the world that used jewellery as a means to distinguish classes. Today, on some level it still exists; a diamond for instance cannot be afforded by all. If you are looking for an expensive item of jewellery, this will help you.


Gemstones are the results of minerals that have been pressurised and solidified over thousands of years beneath the soil which makes it odd that they sell for such a high price. However, they are truly a work of art and there are many different kinds such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies, cat’s eye and more. Each gemstone is valued at different amounts depending on the kind. Diamonds are some of the most expensive whilst quartz not so much. Before you purchase a piece of jewellery with a gemstone, make sure you learn all about it and what separates a genuine gemstone from a fake one.


Before you settle for the first option you come across, make sure you shop around. Not that there is a gem shop every few feet away, but there are enough for you to make a comparison. This is necessary to ensure you are getting the best bargain. After all, you are going to be spending a sizeable amount on this piece so you might as well make sure you are not hoodwinked in the process.


If you did not think they had these for gemstones, well they do. Seeing as how they rack up quite the bill, it is only fair. Make sure you double-check all guarantees and that they are genuine. They should offer you a decent cover on the item so along with the quality of the product you also want to ensure you receive a decent warranty. If you are not happy with it, you can have a look around with other suppliers until you find one you are satisfied with.


You are entitled to ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable with the purchase. Some things to ask would be whether the stone is real or an imitation and whether it has been treated. It also pays to use what is known as a ‘loupe’ which as those magnifiers you see jewelers using which helps you locate any cracks or other issues within the stone. Additionally, if you are getting a gemological certificate make sure you get the original. Last but not least, get the full lowdown on how to care for your gemstone.

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